Monday, May 16, 2011

The Venerable David Leonard

Shot Sunday, May 15, 2011, 
David Leonard, aka Dart Ajax. 
(Up in a secret location near Bolinas, CA, I shot these photos of him)

while shooting I felt Dave was a little reminiscent of an Edward Gorey character

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BMW r75/5 top end removal

Finally got the cylinders off today, have a (tomorrow) morning appointment with Robert Grauer in San Jose to take them in for inspection, rebuild, etc etc.

Liberal amounts of PB Blaster to get the exhaust nuts loose, common sense with removing stuff, the photos in the Clymer book and empty egg cartons, ziploc bags and lots of labelling to hold all the various bolts and nuts. I wish I'd taken more pics, but my hands were pretty gunked up.

initial oil draining.
found this guy deep within the fins

the glove knows..
 .. how to keep garage crud out of the combustion chambers.

this was as far as it went, initially.
 Had a heckofa time getting them off. Stopped this side, went to the other. Asked Tony to finesse it as I stood cursing and kicking stuff on the other side of the garage. We more or less had to push the four long bolts apart to get the cylinders to slide off. The threading kept catching, towards the cylinder head end. Pain in the BUTT.

I don't have a photo (but should) of how I got the piston pin off, but it involved a hairdryer and about 5 minutes of blowing heat on piston. I hope it works well in reverse.
piston connecting rod held in place by purple rubber band, a la Chapter 4, figure 172 of the Clymer bmw bible.

a strange frontal view of a bmw

completely BROKE my fuel filter trying to take gas line apart .

and then, just because I didn't want to stop, I took apart the air filter case and the starter cover. Just to see it more bare bones (and to clean them.) Also took apart the choke cable assembly to check it out. kind of cool. No pics, got dirty

Monday, May 9, 2011

Rambo Baldini!

yes Lord of the Flies, and a little First Blood thrown in too. pal Dave Baldini's brave son Bruno..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shana's pregnancy shoot: Easter Sunday 2011

Shana Sachs Jaime hired me to photograph her second pregnancy, last weekend. We hit local parks in Redwood City and had some great weather, her husband Hector and son Diego came along for help too..

I was inspired by friend and wedding bride client of mine's pregnancy shoot earlier this year here on Dear to My Art Photography. Best of luck, Shana, with bringing little Paloma into the world!!!

Love this Shana picture!

Lucha Libre and Optimus Prime, holla!