Sunday, July 9, 2017

Santa Cruz- Quiet Riot

Every summer some bands you remember from 80s MTV play for free at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Summer 2017 was no different, and we went to go see Quiet Riot play, with a singer about half the age as the rest of the band.

One bit of trivia we learned this evening:

Randy Rhodes was the original guitarist from Quiet Riot. At just 25 years old, he had just left the band to join Ozzy Osbourne's band full-time, but died tragically in an airplane accident. What we learned on the ride home was that said airplane was a small private plane that took off from an airfield on the same private property as where the broken-down tour bus was parked. Asleep in the tour bus was the rest of the band and at 3am the pilot decided it'd be amusing to buzz closely by the bus to freak out everyone. They did exactly this: their wing hit the bus and snapped off, subsequently crashing a nearby house and exploding into a huge fireball.

All three passengers in the plane died. Holy crow.

Rockstars drink Rockstar as a backer to their Bud Light mega cans

Pretty sure Bang Your Head was playing during this photo

Healthy boardwalk food

Corn dawg

Cool lore: you grab a ring from this dispenser and try to aim it into the creepy clown's mouth. This feature has been a part of the boardwalk's Merry-Go-Round for almost a hundred years.

note clown bong in backpack

full moon!