Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Portrait / Not a Portrait

Ski Season 2014. 

Again, seasons passes to the slopes, and time to push the boundary of what's mundane and challenge myself to make some new photos while on the road.

The added knowledge of learning that my portrait subject is beginning to dread this ritual, I am trying to learn to make quick decisions on what will be photogenic and what will be worth the set-up and standing-around time. Deciding to poke around more in the tilt-up warehouse region of suburban Sparks, we drove until I found this play of light and shadow.


There is something interesting to me in taking a portrait of someone, but making them a minor element. As this project progresses I find that I'm more drawn to the photos with less of Tony and more of a setting Tony happens to be in.

The wall without artificial lighting and without human.

poor little snow-barren Sugar Bowl

some miscellaneous notes for next time:
ate brekke here
gas was $3.35 at Arco in Auburn