Monday, August 7, 2017

Road Trip to Texas

Starting in Oakland, I recently spent 3.5 days driving to Texas, via Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. My good friend Teri moved to a new town, taking a plunge into the great unknown and forging new goals in a new fun town.

Shipping her belongings off in a container, we hopped in Teri's Mini Cooper with Monkey and crossed five states in just three days.

Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert
May The Horse be With You

Kramer Boron Mine

There's only one US Continental Divide! Complete with fireworks, and moccasins...

Albuquerque, (Octopus Carwash / Breaking Bad tour)

Roswell, NM

Texas hotel lobby taxidermy

Monkey made it to her new house! (and chose the old house)