Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hike through the railroad tunnel at Donner Pass

On a rather balmy afternoon last week we hiked through an abandoned railroad tunnel at Donner Pass, look at graffiti and some artists at work, and saw a view of the mountain we'd never seen before.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tony at the Oddfellow's Hall, Reno

Today I woke up early, intent on making a photo at this mural in Reno. 

One can see it from Interstate 80, and it turns out that it decorates the outer wall of the Reno Oddfellows Hall. It was rather hard to find, due to it being a private parking lot to a private building.

The rock and the tree peeking over the top are all I feel like saying about the rest of the space..

The colors tell a bit maybe of what hellfire might do to the sky, and what a flood might do to the desert, but are really cool and make for a great mural.

Looking westward from Sugarbowl's Mount Disney, this is a bit of what you actually see up in the mountains. The only orange is in a big warning not to make ski patrol have to come find you if you go beyond the sign.

standing in under the tree..