Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hollister Rally 2014

My pal Jason and I rode down to Hollister, CA and went to the rally yesterday. It's more or less a showcase for Harley-Davidson bikes with enormous credit lines taken out to fund the work on. But it's an amazing people-watching spot and was a great way to escape the fog and explore some killer back roads..

I'd thought the history included a Hollister Harley manufacturing site, but it turn out that it's all based on a riot that happened after the AMA's Gypsy Tour rally, the weekend of July 3-6, 1947. Reportedly a minor scuffle, the small riot was sensationalized by the press and began the stereotype image of bikers being violent, drug-addled sex freaks. It's actually a cool story that you can visit here. The movie the Wild One was based on these reports and has added to the drama and popularity of the event.

Today it's more or less a place to show off your bike, your girlfriend, and buy stuff, hang with your bros and watch bands and drink beer. All in all a fun place to ride to on a vintage bike with a camera:

Jason and Jesse are totally missing the pink-shirt hottie to the left

hangin' out. literally.

no idea.. father and son?

heading to Jawbone Canyon store

 my favorite photo of the day

hella damn teenage boys

"If you can read this the bitch fell off" describes these two. Drunk-kicking the hand sanitizer....

Crüella (obviously an all-girl Mötley Crüe cover band..)

these went on for table after table...

this guy was sweet and wanted a copy of this.. I think his wife was maybe done with Hollister

best custom bike there

your photographer at the Vest Fest 2014!

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