Monday, December 17, 2012

First skiing of the season

..and with it comes bringing along lights and camera and the eternal search for a new way to shoot Tony.

 The Sands Hotel and Casino as kind enough to put us in a top floor room with morning light, when asked. No idea what they thought of us bringing up a light case, stand bag and camera stuff.. I'm sure more than one suspect 'photo shoot' has been filmed upstairs. 

The sunlight came in at a pretty rakish angle in the morning. I thought it might be more straight on, but I guess it ended up working out. Good thing I stole a pint glass from downstairs, it made for a rad sun-refracting disco star. Happy accidents, best occurring in photos, not on snowy mountainsides while wearing skis.

chair by night looking out at the Eldorado.. home of the best $17 buffet dinner in Reno

Sugar Bowl was fun, with soft perfect snow and helllla cold. We had to take the gondola across from the secondary parking lot, as the Judah side wasn't open yet. Kind of cool, like riding the old Sky Ride across Kings Dominion.
Gondola face
Mt Lincoln ski-lift face

Friday, December 7, 2012

Babes in the Wood: Diego

"Diego, he's a pretty fun kid", to quote his mom...

... I couldn't agree more. Give him an axe and he's killer!

We shot some fun family pics as well 

some outtakes:

And then I needed a child hand model for another Chronicle Books kids placemats cover, so I roped Diego's mom into dropping him off to be a model while she had a haircut in the city. 

teaching Diego the fine art of throwing a model's tantrum and demanding a nonfat latte before working any more.

taking a dirtbiking-posture-on-the-CL175 break