Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sonoma Raceway- 8/28/2016

This weekend I got to catch up a bit with an old buddy from Annandale (VA). Jason Kooken's dad, Dan Kooken, was racing his baby-grand Monte Carlo at Sonoma Raceway, so Tony and I went up to explore the pits and the track and shoot some fun photos:

Yup, that'd be 112/ 114/ 116 octane gas..

garage neighbor Mantella Autosport's racer Martin Barkey's race helmet

Team Mantella

Tony and Jason discuss the terminal velocity of rivets add while Dan chills in the driver's seat

Team Kooken

Peter still watching over his Alfa Romeo he sold 20 years ago.. 

Jason sends dad out to the track

getting the 116 octane gas back to the garage