Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving - Mojave 2017

2017 marks the seventh year in a row that Tony and I have driven down to Spangler Hills OHV area. We're so thankful for the fun times in the Mojave desert to ride dirtbikes, explode fireworks, and hang out with a great crew who converges at Spangler Hills OHV area each year!!!

We did some long rides, and I am suuuuuper psyched to be now riding a KTM 200exc, a great upgrade from my little yz125 two-stroke bike. Though the lower torque just carried me through the climbs, I will always love the feel of a two-stroke bike, and how it responds to throttle and how light it is!

Though I forgot to stash my phone in bag to take pics on a couple of the rides, this is the gist of the weekend:

Tony almost had to end here.. but realized his kill switch had severed and was grounding out. Easy fix.

Snack spot, couple hours in

Hughes Boys

Thanksgiving dinner starting modest


shirtless hellions!

Lance in search of a torch

selfies...because what else would you do atop a rock, under a pink sky?

first fountain of the evening

our camp, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

tiki torches at f/22
Moon setting over our camp area

an entire box of roman candles, towards the end...

Stranger Things cover?

Barry Hughes!!

my lens will never zoom quite the same after this dust cloud...

Watching Shawn's Dickens Christmas scene go up

Christian digging in his rear wheel

Lance ready to create some noise.

Lovely Layla, after her fall

Taking aim at the Dickens holiday scene

Tony with his insane clown cake

The four faces of Hank

Mike McQuiggan, keeping it fresh!

Beth's Desert BigTop!

Jawbone General Store

Jawbone's band- Flailingtons. Awesome southern rock