Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teaching Photography... to a bunch of Fourth Graders

I was asked to teach photography to my friend's fourth grade class this week. I found it to be especially fun and challenging to try to describe scale and perspective to fourth graders!

The most intriguing example photo for them to look at, illustrating scale, was this:

(a total copyright infringe... grabbed off internet, but great example)

We then al walked around the street outside for thirty minutes and they took the disposable cameras they were given and were given assignments and a sheet to log their thoughts and descriptions for each picture.

Mrs Bair's Fourth Grade Class's blog can be visited here

Each student was given one of these film cameras
Not exactly sure what I'm doing, lording-over?
taking notes..
they each had to record info about each photo they took.
Explaining scale: my head is just as big as his fingers' spread...

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