Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Babes in the Wood: Ginger

This weekend I photographed another child for the Babes series, this time going for a more literal fairy tale costume..

Ginger was photographed at the Twin Pines park near Belmont, a very pretty setting!
The typical fashion I envisioned for Ginger was based a bit, after seeing her gorgeous blonde hair, on wanting to cast her as a Gretel, who gets notoriously lost in the woods.
In looking for images of Dirndls and Trachtenkleidung costume, I came across some articles about womens' costume during the Nazi reign.

As a prelude to the Nazi party coming into power, fashion in Germany was changing to shorter hemlines, more masculinity, makeup, shorter hair. Conservatives decried this Hollywood and French influence as evil and through exaggerating the influence of Jews in the fashion industry, the Ministry of Propaganda formed a unique school (German Fashion Institute) to bring back the uniquely German style of dress for women.

There's a fascinating link to more detail here

But back to Ginger, here's some cute outtakes:

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