Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kmart and the cart(s)

Again, to Reno and Sugar Bowl to ski. I brought lights and we explored a closed-down Kmart for a possible shoot setting. 

I liked the weird shopping-cart drama here.. in suburban Reno why do people push shopping carts into a loading dock? Can't be the Oakland can man zombie recyclers..

We had just stopped for gas at a nearby 7-11 and I bought a blue (raspberry?) Slurpee to use as a prop. It was way-weird for 10am, but Tony actually drank it.

here's a list of ingredients, per foodfacts.com:

Corn Syrup High Fructose
Citric Acid
Flavor(s) Natural & Artificial
Quillaia Extract
Yucca Extract
Sodium Benzoate ( To protect taste )
 Blue 1

 Who doesn't need a little Blue 1 in their morning?

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