Saturday, July 27, 2013

Legends of Summer

Candlestick Park, 7/26/2013

With a promise of an armband for access and a parking ticket, wonderfully-amazing pal Hilary got me in to see the Legends of Summer tour. Basically all-access, except for on the stage, to see Jay Z and Justin Timberlake do up a massive production.

Not sure if even allowed, I decided to chance bringing my camera along and rode my motorcycle through standing traffic in Hunter's Point, lane-splitting between lined-up limos and homies selling fake tickets and black market concert tees. It took about 45 minutes to blaze through 3 miles, but so worth it.

I would have loved more of the audience, but I wasn't able to get there until late and I couldn't use a flash.. just me n' my pancake 40.

The 'Stick all aglow

parking lot girl wanted a photo with me and my bike..

the bestest!!! Hilary built this place!!!!

"I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one" (that's Mr Z on stage here)

"Champagne for the pain, weed for the low, goddamn I'm so high, where the fuck did I go?"
(Jay Z in Kanye's Welcome to the Jungle song)

JT, skankin'!!!!

this poor, freezing merch girl was sleeping in a box!

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