Monday, October 14, 2013

Available for family portraits!

So a friend of a friend emailed me last week to ask if I would be interested in shooting her family's portrait for her mom's 70th birthday. Of course I'd love to, as this type of work is always a good challenge and keeps my skills honed, pays the bills, etc. Well. Then she mentioned that they might want to do a shot of them all jumping into pool....

.... oh HELL yeah, I'm interested!!!

I love people who like to have fun, and if that translates to doing something unusual to make a really fun photograph then all the more so!

We started with a group photo on the deck with an amazing view of San Francisco. While I guess, yes, it is maybe more iconic to see that other red bridge everyone likes so much from your deck, this view incorporates the way-more pragmatic feature of being sheltered from the westerly wind by the adjoining hillside. And the view is pretty darn cool..

The kids then came downstairs to pose along a tree for a second shot with mom. I love that little Annika was only interested in pulling Uncle Justin's hair!

Lastly, and perhaps my favorite outtake, Gaye and husband Donald pose with their pooch, oblivious to the kids photo-bombing the portrait....

Love it all!!!! And huge thanks to the Oswalds for making me a fun part of their lives for a day!!!!!

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