Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tony trespassing near Ohm Place

The day after Christmas, 2014, led to a ban on our midweek passes in Tahoe, so we drove around Sparks a bit to check out stuff.

There is a section of town with names of streets that are named after a specific type of industry. Ohm Place, Energy Way, Joule Street.. from time to time we look up Ohm and just scout around that area. Can't figure out what used to be there, other than the airport and a bunch of rather stylized tilt-up cement warehouses. Such as the one below.


It was a cold weekend, and aside from a silly photo on a repeating, mirrored escalator in the Peppermill, we enjoyed Christmas and didn't take too many more photos on this trip.

always time for self timer.. it was 27 degrees outside, by the way.

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